onsdag 26 juni 2013

Bartenderyrket robotiseras

En ny robot låter törstiga kunder designa sina egna drinkar för att sedan tillverka dem på nolltid:
Researchers at the MIT senseable city lab have collaborated with the Coca-Cola company and Bacardi rums, to design a robotic bar tending system known as the 'makr shakr', which allows users to create real-time personalized cocktail recipes using a smart phone app, transforming them into crowd-sourced drink combinations. To use 'makr shakr', one must download the software onto their handheld devices, which allows them to create both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink combinations from a touchscreen-operated beverage dispenser, with more than 100 drink choices. The cocktails are then shaken up by three robotic arms, whose movements - shown on a large display positioned behind the bar - mimic the actions of a bartender, from the shaking of a martini to the thin slicing of a lemon garnish.

Det här är förstås en gimmick, men intressant ändå att så etablerade företag står bakom roboten.