torsdag 8 november 2012

Snabbmatsjobben automatiseras

Såväl tillverkningen av maten
Momentum Machines is a new San Francisco-based start-up that is planning to automate the burger production process. The company’s website claims its robot will save the average restaurant $135K/year in wages and overhead and that the machine will pay for itself in one year.
If one of the major fast food chains gains a competitive advantage with technology like this, the entire industry will have to follow suit — and it could happen quite rapidly.
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Here’s one of the McDonald’s touch-screens in action:

Not only is the order speed on par with ordering from a human cashier, it’s immensely cheaper. An American minimum wage worker costs McDonald’s $15 dollars an hour, $30K a year, or $120 a day. Whereas a kiosk like this costs less than $2 a day in electrical costs.