tisdag 15 januari 2013

HMV nästa offer för butiksdöden

4500 jobb försvinner. The Guardian analyserar:
Comet and Jessops, now HMV. Is there more trouble in store? Since 2007, the internet's share of retail sales (excluding motor fuel) has risen from less than 4% to over 10% – with internet spending growing at around 25% per annum in value terms. Retailing faces a big adjustment to the "new normal" world of constrained finance, higher inflation and weak confidence. The growth of online retailing will contribute to this process of structural change.
HMV's collapse is symptomatic of the worsening malaise in large parts of the traditional high street. The electrical goods and entertainment industry is in particular hard hit as it fights to survive a game-changing online environment from product availability to purchasing patterns. While both click-and-collect and online-only retailing is thriving, a simple bricks and mortar strategy will struggle.
If you take it into account what we've seen in Jessops, all happening within one week, there are going to be some major holes in the high street. And HMV particularly has some very large stores – and obviously over 60% of their stores sit within shopping centres. So shopping centres will be hardest hit.

Frågan om vad vi ska göra av alla arbetslösa f.d. butiksanställda, samt halvtomma köpcenter, blir allt mer aktuell.